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Our Mission

Rapp at Home’s mission is to sustain and enrich Rappahannock County residents
who are members of Rapp at Home to age in the community comfortably, safely,
independently and with peace of mind by fostering the community support and
services needed to do so, through activities consistent with its Internal Revenue
Code Section 501 (c) (3) tax exempt status.


Our Rural "Village"

In April of 2015, about 90 concerned Rappahannock residents gathered at Reynolds Memorial Baptist Church in Sperryville in Rappahannock County, Virginia, to hear how groups of neighbors in other, more urban areas had formed virtual “senior villages”.   Speakers from established villages explained that these virtual senior villages offer lifelines to aging populations who need and desire support services and opportunities to engage and remain in the community.

As a result of the Sperryville meeting, and with the efforts of dedicated volunteers, Rapp at Home was formed.  It has since grown to an organization of about two hundred members.

Most senior villages have been set up in urban areas, Rapp at Home is a pioneer in creating a senior village in a rural setting. We believe our efforts to promote a strong, independent, and active senior population benefits the entire community.

Our goal is to allow our members the opportunity to stay active, socially engaged and able to live comfortably in their homes. We link members to needed services and offer stimulating and interesting social and fitness activities.

What We Do and Offer


In Rappahannock County there is a special way of life. By providing neighbor-to-neighbor assistance that helps us sustain our independent lifestyle Rapp at Home helps us continue to enjoy this unique place we call home.

Members of Rapp at Home receive benefits that help them to stay socially connected and to live with confidence in their homes. The services and activities we offer can range from opportunities for staying involved with friends and neighbors, to receiving help with transportation, to assisting with tasks around the house or yard, to picking up groceries and prescriptions.

Rapp at Home attracts volunteers, including both members and non-members. who have the time and inclination to help those in need. There is no requirement for members to volunteer, but many members do enjoy the opportunity to help friends and neighbors - and then feel at ease asking for help when they're the ones who need it.

As a member-driven organization, we encourage all members to be involved as they are able. We also welcome non-member volunteers who wish to help seniors in their community.

"I've lived in the County for a long time, but to my surprise,
through Rapp at Home I've gotten to know so many
interesting people I had never met before - and I've had lots of fun!"

 Additional Information

For a copy of Rapp at Home's 2020 Annual Report, Click here.

For information about our leadership, Click here.

To join or for information about how to join Rapp at Home, Click here.

For more information about Rapp at Home, please feel free to call us (540-937-4663) or send an email,

For information about other "senior villages", a good place to start is the "Village to Village Network", established to serve the more than 200 other villages around the country.  To access its website,  Click here